Pismo [beach]

Le Pismo Beach Trip! Eat. Sleep. Walk. Shop. Relax.

[The Walking]
I attempted to capture the essence of hipsterness with this candid shot, but sadly failed due to the low aperture. Maybe next time I’ll do a set up shot.

[The Eating]
The entire week prior to this trip, all we could talk about was SPLASH CAFE.. Well, what’s so great about this place?

First off, they have a painting of this surfer dude out in front..

Then they have toasted bread bowls for… wait for it…..


Wait.. WHAT?!

Tummies [FILLED].

Check this out! We came across a candy store and was lured in when we discovered we could purchase Crickets and..

Scorpions! [DE-LISH]

[The Shopping]

Andrew and JJ.


[Profile Pics]

One of my favorite shots!

[The Food]

~Splash Cafe – Clam Chowder~

~Jocko’s Steak House~

~Slovang – Pastries~


~ by phoenixdrago12 on November 16, 2012.

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