Long Beach: Cruisin’ [with] Lollipops

It all began with some Vodka in Pavilions

Jus pulling into the parking lot like a gangster

And some good old fashioned JAMBA JUICE!

Enjoyed some Mango goodness and made our journey towards Long Beach!

[Played the ABC game: 1st place – Justin Sukato; Second Place – Christine Huang]

So, it turned out to be too cold to kayak, so we decided to go to the Queen Mary for a tour.

Did you know that admission for Californians are free?! Actually, that piece of information is a total rumor. Rather than having to pay the excess admission fee, we decided to do something more awesome!

Definitely going to take a better look at this site next time – www.queenmary.com

This is the vehicle we had the pleasure of driving!

The rain left puddles of water. PUDDLES PUDDLES PUDDLES!!! SPLASH SPLASH!

Getting ready to take off for Downtown Long Beach!

I’d have to say that I made a pretty good driver. 🙂

Too bad I can’t say the same for Jus when it comes to biking. Swerve to the left! To the right! Paddle backwards! “Hit the brakes!” “Where are the brakes?!” ****CRASHED!!!****

Naturally, after paddling on the bike for a while and getting lost [being nowhere near DTLB], we got tired and started experimenting.. Christine was determined to sit in the basket:

Of course she was a tad too big, so we did the next best thing. Have Cyrus grab hold like a monkey!

During the bike ride, we almost killed a few people. Sadly, I forgot to take action shots – so just take my word for it. 😀

The boat drop off zone – DUN DUN DUN!!!!!! See the stuff to the right and left of the dock?

That’s all TRASH! Long Beach is a dirty harbor. YUCK.



Low Angle Shot!

Landscape Shot!

YEEEE. Sexy Bike.

We were MUDDING again and had tire spin – Check it.

On our way back…

Christine randomly spotted these puppies

I swear she was going to hit that car. Would have made a fantastic shot. I’m evil, I know. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Keep Yo Eyes On The Road Girl!

We spotted a U-Boat Museum next to the Queen Mary. Had to stop by and check it out – especially because there was a torpedo sitting outside!

What a shy gal..

But she gave in – glamour shot!

Cyrus got a glamour shot too! I am aware it’s not as fancy as his portrait shot from the previous post, but it’s all good 😛

Here’s my buddy Ole pal – Gas Mask Mike in an Orange Jumpsuit!

Then we left our mark [signatures]. See those Swastikas and Stars of David? Uh-oh…

Back at base, final picture before we move on.

Bus Stop: I found this a bit random, so could someone explain to me why a Long Beach Shuttle stop has a duck on top of the signage? A seagull I understand, but a duck? Something to think about..





Look! Two Boys and a Tram!

Did you know that Island Burger serves 3 types of onions?! Burger was good. Kilauea with turkey substitute on wheat bread and fried onions removed. NOM NOM! Saved my belly from a bit more damage.

Dropped by the Candy Boutique for some childhood memories. PoP RoCks!

They also do cool bouquets like this!

Finale: Enjoi Candies Yumminess

Here we go again!! Two Boys and a Tram[p]! 😛

This last bus ride was the longest I have ever had. We went in an ENTIRE circle before getting back to where we needed to be. I think it was a good 35 minute tram ride.

Btw.. For the last three pictures, is it just me or does that young gal have the exact facial expressions? I mean exact! Like… literally identical, downright copy, genetically the same facial expressions!

Cutest baby EVER! Dad pushing her through a supermarket!


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