The Adventures [of] DJ & Burst

Okay, this will be my first blog post without any good pictures because I didn’t have my camera with me. Mainly because I was not aware that it was going to be so eventful. Since I’m not a very verbose fellow, I’ll just summarize my night up in the points below.

– Decided to go to Playhouse for clubbing tonight with a good friend from San Francisco, but as I was looking for parking, a cop pulled me over. Not such a great way to start the night. Luckily, he let me off with a warning for my tints. Not wanting to be hassled for anything else, I vroom vroomed off like a good samaritan would.

– Parked the car.

– As my friend Daniel and I walked towards Playhouse, we found this alley of bars that seemed pretty poppin’. After all, there was a line of emo kids waiting to get in – when I say emo, I mean EMO (ie. piercings, tattoos, fauxhawks, mohawks, bald heads, and even half shaved heads with spiked hair up to one foot long). A bar must be hip, when emo kids are trying to gain access! Anyway, tried to strike up a convo with his bouncer, but all he seemed to want was money. Forty bucks to cut us in line and gain access.

– We bounced.

– Found this other club called Eden because we saw some hotties walk in; They were supermodel status and had the most gorgeous legs.

Legs and Cute Smiles:

– Turns out the girls were walking into a private party for the coach of the LA Lakers! Who would have thought. There was a bouncer outside this club, his name is DEE. Maybe spelled D, but who knows. Told us that Playhouse was CLOSED. <– This was a really Good Game Moment for us and he knew it, so he turned us towards this bar called LOADED.

– Walked 2 blocks

– Entered LOADED. MAN! MORE EMO KIDS!!!! My mind was blown away. I thought the emo fad was just something kids in high school did to kill time, but turns out LA is filled with them. Regardless, I began talking to this cute brunette girl – we hit it off to a certain degree, but then I saw her snorting cocaine with her blonde girl friend. What a turn off.

– I ended up dancing with her.

– I danced with a coke-head. YEP!

– LOADED also had a bouncer. He goes by the nickname BIG STEVE. There’s a reason he’s referred to as Big Steve. It’s because he’s big, bald, and dresses pretty nicely. Daniel and I hit it off with Big Steve immediately and he hooked us up with a club called ECHO.

– Echo turned out to be a cockfest, so we bounced.

– Entered a pizza shop because we craved some pizza. This pizza was HUGE! It was the size of my head. I kid not. Just look at the picture below Then Daniel and I killed off a Calzone. Best Calzone ever.

Here’s the Calzone:

Here’s the Pizza:

– “HEY! Where are you guys from?” said Daniel. This is because we had two Brits sitting next to us. The fellows from England were here in the states to have a good time. Commented that the States is nothing like they imagined. They were expecting blonde chicks to be one them left and right. Oh well, tough luck.

– Remember the club called Echo that was a cockfest?

– We sent them there. 🙂

– Now that we were full and I was sobered up a bit and our adventure was over, it was time to head home.

– Wait, is that the sound of sirens?

– 1 Black Man.

– 1 Black Cadillac SUV driving on Hollywood Blvd at 50 mph.

– 36 cops.

– How insane is that? A live car chase and my stupid Blackberry froze, so I couldn’t get a video. But it was wicked. The moment will live on in this blog and in my memories for life. 🙂

– Now, time to go home right?

– Yeah, finally got home. No clubbing tonight, but definitely an awesome night. got to know two bouncers, danced with a coke-head, and saw a live police chase after eating a slice of pizza the size of my head. What more could a guy ask for?

Okay, so I guess my story wasn’t that short but do you like tic-tac?



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