Collins [@] Big Bear

Three Day Big Bear Trip!

Day 1: We finally arrived at Big Bear and had some delicious pizza at a pizza parlor. I wish we had some pictures of the food, but didn’t have my camera at the time. 😦 Well, after the food that tasted like YUM, we chilled…

First @ Big Bear Village:

Then @ Big Bear Lake:

We did some duck feeding.

Watched a duck swimming.

Saw some old guys fishing.

Then Neush did April… I mean, Neush did April’s hair.

Then more ducks!

Then the MOON!

There were a lot of caution signs. I take it that a lot of people do stupid things when they see a frozen lake….

Stupid things such as… Jumping over a trash can..

Some were impressed!

While others…

The Cabin: Arrival [with] Beer & Junk Food

Outdoors View!

Indoors View!

The Couple: Making Sweet Love On The Couch

The Rest of the Crew:


Yeah. We had a Jacuzzi.. Took advantage of it too!

Can you say Bubble Beards?

Got Hungry. Cooked up some food. Tomato Bisque. Grilled Cheese. [and] KBBQ. NOM NOM NOM!

We killed the food pretty quickly.

Got Drunk.

Day Two: In Gear and Ready To Snowboard!


Day Three: Cleaning – Time to leave already?!

While we were cleaning up, we discovered a diary where people gave thanks. How cool is that?

The Stevo Reads?

Cabin Memories:

The jenki television set where we watched “How I Met Your Mother” and the Hallway we walked


These guys [Mr. Pinecone, Mrs. Branch, and The Two Lonely Leaves] were sad that we had to leave.

On they way back, we had to stop by the CANDYSHOP!

Dex Got a Twinkie. While the rest of us got some awesome peppermint bark and fudge! Which again, I don’t have pics of.. 😦 [BUMMER]

On our way down, there was a lot of fog.

I wanted to be apart of the fog! 😀

The Aftermath of Big Bear: Dex Skateboarding

Dex Jumpin’.

Dex Jumpin’ Again.

Dex Jumpin’ Once More.

Dex Trickin’.

Dex Fallin’.

Didn’t know where else to post this.. But don’t you think this is an awkward pose? Good Job Tom.


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