San Diego Day Trip!!!

Took a day trip down to San Diego today. We dropped by some strawberry fields and picked some sweet and plump strawberries. Then Cliff, Tommy and I hiked around the flower fields of Carlsbad to take some pictures. The two of them got some wicked shots of the view. Got hungry, so we dropped by the Bronx Pizzeria in San Diego. The pizza there is BOMB!!! If you haven’t tried it – go get it now. Now that we had so much food in our system, we had to do something to burn off those extra calories before we headed down to PHIL’S BBQ!!!!! Kayaking was the solution – we were going to rent some kayaks as well as helmets so that we could explore the caves in the general area. Sadly, that didn’t happen because we had to have a guide.

I know a lot of these pictures have really vivid colors. I did it intentionally because it was a cloudy day; thus, many of the pictures seemed to be really boring. As a solution, I messed around with the Saturation and Vibrancy levels in Lightroom to make the pictures a way more interesting.

Waiting for everyone to arrive so that we can take off!!

Viewpoint! The Seagulls actually were able to catch the food we threw up into the AIR!

Look at that sweet sweet strawberry!


Unsuccessful Panning

Arrival at SD!


Vincent still wet from kayaking.

Phi’ls BBQ!!!!

Heading home after a good day.


~ by phoenixdrago12 on March 31, 2010.

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