Pismo [beach]

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Le Pismo Beach Trip! Eat. Sleep. Walk. Shop. Relax.

[The Walking]
I attempted to capture the essence of hipsterness with this candid shot, but sadly failed due to the low aperture. Maybe next time I’ll do a set up shot.

[The Eating]
The entire week prior to this trip, all we could talk about was SPLASH CAFE.. Well, what’s so great about this place?

First off, they have a painting of this surfer dude out in front..

Then they have toasted bread bowls for… wait for it…..


Wait.. WHAT?!

Tummies [FILLED].

Check this out! We came across a candy store and was lured in when we discovered we could purchase Crickets and..

Scorpions! [DE-LISH]

[The Shopping]

Andrew and JJ.


[Profile Pics]

One of my favorite shots!

[The Food]

~Splash Cafe – Clam Chowder~

~Jocko’s Steak House~

~Slovang – Pastries~


CupKit.Vincent [MyFirst_VIDEO]

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I got a new camera setup! Published my first video on Vimeo today! Check it out!

I’m super EXCITE!

Long Beach: Cruisin’ [with] Lollipops

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It all began with some Vodka in Pavilions

Jus pulling into the parking lot like a gangster

And some good old fashioned JAMBA JUICE!

Enjoyed some Mango goodness and made our journey towards Long Beach!

[Played the ABC game: 1st place – Justin Sukato; Second Place – Christine Huang]

So, it turned out to be too cold to kayak, so we decided to go to the Queen Mary for a tour.

Did you know that admission for Californians are free?! Actually, that piece of information is a total rumor. Rather than having to pay the excess admission fee, we decided to do something more awesome!

Definitely going to take a better look at this site next time – www.queenmary.com

This is the vehicle we had the pleasure of driving!

The rain left puddles of water. PUDDLES PUDDLES PUDDLES!!! SPLASH SPLASH!

Getting ready to take off for Downtown Long Beach!

I’d have to say that I made a pretty good driver. 🙂

Too bad I can’t say the same for Jus when it comes to biking. Swerve to the left! To the right! Paddle backwards! “Hit the brakes!” “Where are the brakes?!” ****CRASHED!!!****

Naturally, after paddling on the bike for a while and getting lost [being nowhere near DTLB], we got tired and started experimenting.. Christine was determined to sit in the basket:

Of course she was a tad too big, so we did the next best thing. Have Cyrus grab hold like a monkey!

During the bike ride, we almost killed a few people. Sadly, I forgot to take action shots – so just take my word for it. 😀

The boat drop off zone – DUN DUN DUN!!!!!! See the stuff to the right and left of the dock?

That’s all TRASH! Long Beach is a dirty harbor. YUCK.



Low Angle Shot!

Landscape Shot!

YEEEE. Sexy Bike.

We were MUDDING again and had tire spin – Check it.

On our way back…

Christine randomly spotted these puppies

I swear she was going to hit that car. Would have made a fantastic shot. I’m evil, I know. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Keep Yo Eyes On The Road Girl!

We spotted a U-Boat Museum next to the Queen Mary. Had to stop by and check it out – especially because there was a torpedo sitting outside!

What a shy gal..

But she gave in – glamour shot!

Cyrus got a glamour shot too! I am aware it’s not as fancy as his portrait shot from the previous post, but it’s all good 😛

Here’s my buddy Ole pal – Gas Mask Mike in an Orange Jumpsuit!

Then we left our mark [signatures]. See those Swastikas and Stars of David? Uh-oh…

Back at base, final picture before we move on.

Bus Stop: I found this a bit random, so could someone explain to me why a Long Beach Shuttle stop has a duck on top of the signage? A seagull I understand, but a duck? Something to think about..





Look! Two Boys and a Tram!

Did you know that Island Burger serves 3 types of onions?! Burger was good. Kilauea with turkey substitute on wheat bread and fried onions removed. NOM NOM! Saved my belly from a bit more damage.

Dropped by the Candy Boutique for some childhood memories. PoP RoCks!

They also do cool bouquets like this!

Finale: Enjoi Candies Yumminess

Here we go again!! Two Boys and a Tram[p]! 😛

This last bus ride was the longest I have ever had. We went in an ENTIRE circle before getting back to where we needed to be. I think it was a good 35 minute tram ride.

Btw.. For the last three pictures, is it just me or does that young gal have the exact facial expressions? I mean exact! Like… literally identical, downright copy, genetically the same facial expressions!

Cutest baby EVER! Dad pushing her through a supermarket!

Snow D@Y – Picnics, Fights [&] Mudding

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Meet the Crew. A team of elite snowboarding champions who climbed the treacherous mountains of Southern California [Mt. High] and dominated its terrain.

Here’s the story. Went UP!

The Crew ran out of fuel, so we had to recharge!

Then we trained a bit in snow combat [Snow Fight!]

Made some of these [Snow Angels]

Did some of these [Jumps]

Then we went MUDDING!!!

La Dona Rosa Mexican food to end the day…


M&M Donuts [not] Candy

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What: BlueBerry Donuts.

Why: It’s about time I gave this place a shot right? I mean, my blogs name is partially derived from this fruit – so what’s stopping me?! Aside from the long lines…

When: 9:00PM

Journeys always have a beginning and an end. Ours began at Half and Half of Rowland Heights where we treated ourselves to a wonderful cup of Caramel Ice Milk with Honey Boba and Egg Pudding.

Cool thing about this Half n’ Half is this contraption:

Where: We arrived at M&M.

Who: The AHS GOLF-MASTERS TRI-FECTA! Plus Alice and I.

Okay, so after 1.5 hours in line, I all of a sudden hear the sound of wolves mating. Wait a second, wolves don’t mate in public!! So I turned around and I see these two intensely staring at each other making MATCHING HOWLING sounds! YES.. HOWLING, not chirping, not grunting, not whistling, not humming, but HOWLING.. Displayed in color below is the lovely couple.

That’s not the funniest part. As I was admiring these items through the window and waiting for our donuts..

This guy pops up out of no where and is preaching that the M&M Blue Berry donut is only a 6 star out of 10 star scale.

So I ask the guy, what is a 10 star donut if the M&M donut is a 6. His reply was “I’ve never had a 10 star donut.” I was dumbfound. Out of all the idiots around the globe, this guy had to be at the donut shop. Well, it did make our wait more entertaining, but check this out..

Wait for it…..

Wait for it…………..

Wait for it…………………………

Wait for it…………………………………………….

Wait for it…………………………………………………………………………….

Wait for it…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


Here’s what they look like:

Donut Love!

I finally got to try the donuts myself – they are gooooood DONUTS. Just how good you ask? Lets just say that when one bites in to this freshly made donut, he/she will encounter a subtle crunch as he/she breaks through the glaze which encompasses a soft core that’s so warm it releases puffs of smoke in the cool ambient weather. Aromas of fresh blueberries will linger around the lips as man/woman goes in for the second bite.

Chomping Down!

Vincent loved them so much he started his second when we barely made it halfway through our first. YUM!

The Adventures [of] DJ & Burst

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Okay, this will be my first blog post without any good pictures because I didn’t have my camera with me. Mainly because I was not aware that it was going to be so eventful. Since I’m not a very verbose fellow, I’ll just summarize my night up in the points below.

– Decided to go to Playhouse for clubbing tonight with a good friend from San Francisco, but as I was looking for parking, a cop pulled me over. Not such a great way to start the night. Luckily, he let me off with a warning for my tints. Not wanting to be hassled for anything else, I vroom vroomed off like a good samaritan would.

– Parked the car.

– As my friend Daniel and I walked towards Playhouse, we found this alley of bars that seemed pretty poppin’. After all, there was a line of emo kids waiting to get in – when I say emo, I mean EMO (ie. piercings, tattoos, fauxhawks, mohawks, bald heads, and even half shaved heads with spiked hair up to one foot long). A bar must be hip, when emo kids are trying to gain access! Anyway, tried to strike up a convo with his bouncer, but all he seemed to want was money. Forty bucks to cut us in line and gain access.

– We bounced.

– Found this other club called Eden because we saw some hotties walk in; They were supermodel status and had the most gorgeous legs.

Legs and Cute Smiles:

– Turns out the girls were walking into a private party for the coach of the LA Lakers! Who would have thought. There was a bouncer outside this club, his name is DEE. Maybe spelled D, but who knows. Told us that Playhouse was CLOSED. <– This was a really Good Game Moment for us and he knew it, so he turned us towards this bar called LOADED.

– Walked 2 blocks

– Entered LOADED. MAN! MORE EMO KIDS!!!! My mind was blown away. I thought the emo fad was just something kids in high school did to kill time, but turns out LA is filled with them. Regardless, I began talking to this cute brunette girl – we hit it off to a certain degree, but then I saw her snorting cocaine with her blonde girl friend. What a turn off.

– I ended up dancing with her.

– I danced with a coke-head. YEP!

– LOADED also had a bouncer. He goes by the nickname BIG STEVE. There’s a reason he’s referred to as Big Steve. It’s because he’s big, bald, and dresses pretty nicely. Daniel and I hit it off with Big Steve immediately and he hooked us up with a club called ECHO.

– Echo turned out to be a cockfest, so we bounced.

– Entered a pizza shop because we craved some pizza. This pizza was HUGE! It was the size of my head. I kid not. Just look at the picture below Then Daniel and I killed off a Calzone. Best Calzone ever.

Here’s the Calzone:

Here’s the Pizza:

– “HEY! Where are you guys from?” said Daniel. This is because we had two Brits sitting next to us. The fellows from England were here in the states to have a good time. Commented that the States is nothing like they imagined. They were expecting blonde chicks to be one them left and right. Oh well, tough luck.

– Remember the club called Echo that was a cockfest?

– We sent them there. 🙂

– Now that we were full and I was sobered up a bit and our adventure was over, it was time to head home.

– Wait, is that the sound of sirens?

– 1 Black Man.

– 1 Black Cadillac SUV driving on Hollywood Blvd at 50 mph.

– 36 cops.

– How insane is that? A live car chase and my stupid Blackberry froze, so I couldn’t get a video. But it was wicked. The moment will live on in this blog and in my memories for life. 🙂

– Now, time to go home right?

– Yeah, finally got home. No clubbing tonight, but definitely an awesome night. got to know two bouncers, danced with a coke-head, and saw a live police chase after eating a slice of pizza the size of my head. What more could a guy ask for?

Okay, so I guess my story wasn’t that short but do you like tic-tac?


Collins [@] Big Bear

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Three Day Big Bear Trip!

Day 1: We finally arrived at Big Bear and had some delicious pizza at a pizza parlor. I wish we had some pictures of the food, but didn’t have my camera at the time. 😦 Well, after the food that tasted like YUM, we chilled…

First @ Big Bear Village:

Then @ Big Bear Lake:

We did some duck feeding.

Watched a duck swimming.

Saw some old guys fishing.

Then Neush did April… I mean, Neush did April’s hair.

Then more ducks!

Then the MOON!

There were a lot of caution signs. I take it that a lot of people do stupid things when they see a frozen lake….

Stupid things such as… Jumping over a trash can..

Some were impressed!

While others…

The Cabin: Arrival [with] Beer & Junk Food

Outdoors View!

Indoors View!

The Couple: Making Sweet Love On The Couch

The Rest of the Crew:


Yeah. We had a Jacuzzi.. Took advantage of it too!

Can you say Bubble Beards?

Got Hungry. Cooked up some food. Tomato Bisque. Grilled Cheese. [and] KBBQ. NOM NOM NOM!

We killed the food pretty quickly.

Got Drunk.

Day Two: In Gear and Ready To Snowboard!


Day Three: Cleaning – Time to leave already?!

While we were cleaning up, we discovered a diary where people gave thanks. How cool is that?

The Stevo Reads?

Cabin Memories:

The jenki television set where we watched “How I Met Your Mother” and the Hallway we walked


These guys [Mr. Pinecone, Mrs. Branch, and The Two Lonely Leaves] were sad that we had to leave.

On they way back, we had to stop by the CANDYSHOP!

Dex Got a Twinkie. While the rest of us got some awesome peppermint bark and fudge! Which again, I don’t have pics of.. 😦 [BUMMER]

On our way down, there was a lot of fog.

I wanted to be apart of the fog! 😀

The Aftermath of Big Bear: Dex Skateboarding

Dex Jumpin’.

Dex Jumpin’ Again.

Dex Jumpin’ Once More.

Dex Trickin’.

Dex Fallin’.

Didn’t know where else to post this.. But don’t you think this is an awkward pose? Good Job Tom.